robot icon 110Earlier this week I finished the first draft of the fourth book in the Frank Adversego saga. This time the technologies du jour will be artificial intelligence (a/k/a machine learning) and the Internet of Things (a/k/a IoT, a/k/a machine to machine, or M2M). Unlike the first three books, the technological capabilities (in the case of AI) will be over the horizon. So this time around, you won’t have to worry that the disasters I write about will actual happen. Yet.

But give it a little time, and then you can start worrying. Not surprisingly, the title of book four will be The Turing Test, a Tale of Artificial Intelligence and Malevolence, and the black hat will be…well, you’ll just have to wait. My goal is to have the book out in May.

Meanwhile, the string of predictions from my previous books that have come true continues to grow. If you’ve already read The Alexandria Project, the news that the leader of Korea has apparently had a sibling murdered using a neurotoxin should come as no surprise. If you haven’t read TAP yet, well, the way is clear.You don’t want to keep being surprised. Your can The The Alexandria Project find it here.

And finally, the list of reviews of my first three books continues to grow, which is a big help in promoting my work. If you’ve read and enjoyed one of my books but haven’t written a short review of it at Amazon, it would be greatly appreciated if you could find the time to do so. As you can see from the reviews that are already there, many are only a sentence or two long – which is fine. It’s not the length that matters, but the number of stars at the top and the enthusiasm in the text.

And to finish where I began, nothing motivates an author to get the next book done more than a good review of the last one.

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