twitter-follow-me-iconCertainly one of the most intimidating and/or distasteful tasks for a SelfPub author is to dive into social media if he has never had to before. True, as a lawyer, and a technology lawyer at that, I’ve not been able to totally avoid it.  I’ve got over 600 LinkedIn contacts, even though I’ve never extended an invitation, because it’s hard to turn down the invitations of peers, and especially clients.  But Facebook and Twitter?  No thank you.  I just don’t get it.

The problem for me is that I see so little value in most social media I’ve seen, beyond keeping in touch (via Facebook) with immediate friends and family, if that’s the way you choose to communicate. But I certainly do see the time suck element of it, and I’ve got too much of that already just with email.

But – and this is a big but – if you’re going to be self-published, you need to learn how to use every free (as in dollars, not time) tool at your disposal. And regrettably, that includes Tweeting So it is that I’m trying to figure out how to do more than what I’ve always done, which is to have a Twitter account, collect random followers via my other blog (a couple hundred over the years), and Tweet every time I’ve posted another entry.  And that’s it.

Not good enough, right?

So I’m told that one way you “build a following” is to send Tweets off at people who are following an appropriate topic – like self-publishing, or, in my case, cybersecurity. That being so, today I found out exactly how one goes about using hashtags (something I’ve studiously avoided in the past), called up an article I’d read that I disagreed with, laboriously constructed a Tweet also linking to a blog entry (laden with links to my book) at my other blog, and sent it to my Twitter followers, spending the better part of a half hour in the process, what with one diversion or another into Twitter arcana.  Here it is:

#selfpub Jenny @ HuffPo says selfpub authors don’t need editors Not so – Every writer does

Earth shattering, no? Needless to say, this pebble failed to make even the most imperceptible ripples in the ocean of the Twitterverse.

Hopefully, I’ll become skilled at tossing these off in a minute the way all those other people do that fire hose my Twitter account.  We’ll see.

If you’re not getting enough Tweets already, you can follow me here:

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