Labours of Hercules 120Today I made the very last corrections and improvements to the text of my second book of fiction, now retitled and subtitled The Lafayette Campaign, a tale of deception and elections. As the title hints, it’s a thriller with a presidential campaign as a backdrop. It’s been three years of very hard work getting this far, and now the promotional phase begins. Sigh….

Hard as the writing (and rewriting, and rewriting, and rewriting) were, I’d take them any day over the part that comes next. Here’s my current pre-launch to do list:

1.  Write cover blurb and update bio

2.  Buy ISBN

3.  Finalize eBook and print copy prices

4.  Finalize eBook and print book covers

5.  Review and make final changes to eBook and print files

6.  Redesign this blog to:

– move blog to a secondary page

– turn the home page into a real author page, featuring my two books

– incorporate the new book cover into the site header

– create a new site page for book 2

– find and add an email sign up form

7.  Update my GoodReads page

8.  Update my Amazon Author page

9.  Submit my eBook file to Amazon (I’ll be releasing it there only for the first 90 days in order to be able to do some free-download days)

10.  Submit the print file to CreateSpace

11.  Submit print file to Lightning Source

And that’s all just for pre-launch – the really hard part starts after that, around July 1, which is trying to get people to actually read the damn thing.


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