Original cover image 200Sub-blogged below is a great list of image Web sites – new and old photographs, paintings, drawings, film and more (most are free), courtesy of the anonymous author of the Tracking the Words blog. Many thanks to Catana, and his generosity is very much appreciated, as I’ve relied almost exclusively on the Wikimedia Commons in the past.

I’ve used an image to spice up the visual presentation of my other blog for years, and also did a lot of looking around to find an appropriate image to use for the cover of my book. But photographs, however good, aren’t always the best selection for blog posts or book covers. Having a wide selection of types, as well as subject matter, is a great way to not only to find the best graphic for the subject matter, mood, and so on, but adds variety as well.

As just about everyone agrees, having a great book cover is essential to success. But having an appealing blog presentation is worthwhile as well, and adding graphics can also add to the enjoyment and satisfaction of sharing your thoughts with others. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s easy to do with any type of blogging program – and now that you’ve got access to guilt-free images, why not give it a try?

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One last note: as a matter of courtesy (and sometimes legal obligation), always give credit to the source of the image.  Usually there will be an entry box somewhere in the upload menu where you can add in a text attribution. That way, anyone mousing over the image can click on “properties” and see the source. Many programs will allow you to add a caption under an image as well.

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