Cover 120I’d like to share some recent reviews, say thanks to those that wrote them, and also share with other authors the observation that if you aren’t active at Goodreads yet, you might wish to give it a try. It can be a great way to get to know other avid readers, many of whom are kind enough to share their opinion of your book when they’ve finished it (most will also copy and paste their reviews over to Amazon as well). You can find more about how Goodreads can help you here.

5 Stars: Steven Bennett

The Alexandria Project considers the possibility of a sophisticated cyber-attack on government and commercial computer systems. While far from the first story to tackle this subject, this book addresses this very real threat in an entertaining, not to mention worrying, manner. Engaging throughout, the novel also forces one to stop and consider whether the story is fiction, or one version of real events that have just not happened yet. (read more)

4 Stars: Pankaj Goyal

The Alexandria Project by Andrew Updegrove is a fast-paced and high-octane cyber thriller. It is a finely plotted Sci-Fi mystery, which takes you on an adventure that is full of twist and turns. This is the first novel by Andrew Updegrove and he has handled with great artistic power. Updegrove’s deep knowledge of entrepreneurs, technology companies, venture capitalists and cyber security are all visible in this novel. It is, however, his ability to handle this knowledge with beautiful narrative style and, most importantly, his experiments with form and style that gives him enough room and scope to express himself fully and satisfactorily in this novel. While the book is basically a futuristic crime caper, it is a world where humanity and technology have been inextricably fused together with results both miraculous and profane. The verse is filled with colours of algorithms and artificial intelligence and the texture contains the virtual world of hackers and crackers. However, do not worry as all of this has been dealt in a coherent manner. The narrative is not only slick and jagged like a serrated knife, but also breezy and hard-edged. You will certainly love it. This is a right book to venture your journey into the world of cyber thrillers. (read more)

5 Stars: Angela

I really liked Frank – our hero in “The Alexandria Project” and Lilie, his temperamental dog. What a pair. I became a part of Frank’s world during this taut read. A character I would like to see more of in upcoming books by Mr. Updegrove.

“The Alexandria Project” shows how weak cyber security can be and how close we are to the possibility of being taken over by hostile forces. The book’s storyline is one that could actually happen — which is terrifying and concerns me deeply.

I look very forward to my next read by Mr. Updegrove ! Outstanding !(I’ve reproduced the complete review)

Have you discovered The Alexandria Project?

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