Illuminated R 113I wanted to give a big Thank You to those readers who have recently posted reviews of The Alexandria Project. Where they are also authors, I’d like to also provide links back to their sites so that you can learn about them and their books as well.

The first is by Ian Probert, a long-time author and journalist of both published and self-published fiction and non-fiction. His work can be light and witty (Johnny Nothing, which I reviewed here) or gritty and tense (see his blog for sample chapters of some of his multiple works in progress). Ian’s review of my book begins as follows:

5.0 out of 5 stars Mind Blowing!, October 31, 2014
By Truth42 “Truth42” (London) – See all my reviews
This is an absolutely fantastic book. It’s a tale of technology and cyber crime told by a seasoned writer who obviously knows his way around a keyboard. The twists and turns that lead you through the story kind of reminded me of Polanski or Hitchcock. It’s certainly easy to imagine the main character being played by Harrison Ford. [full review is here]


The next is by Mallory Anne-Marie Forbes Haws, who I do not know, but see is a Top Reviewer at Amazon (with 1,038 reviews), and who I assume learned about my book at GoodReads:

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding Thriller, December 1, 2014
I frequently read thrillers. Some are good, some are very good, some are excellent. A few I can’t put down. This was true recently of Ben Lieberman’ s The Carnage Account, and it holds true for THE ALEXANDRIA PROJECT, which I could not stop reading. The author, a long-term attorney, is also a gifted writer. Even though the plot focuses on cybersecurity and information technology, I followed with no difficulty; Mr. Updegrove covers this territory legibly, so we all can understand. I highly recommend THE ALEXANDRIA PROJECT. [this is the full review]


The next two are by authors I’ve come to know through Paul Ruddock’s Indie Author sites, which I wrote about earlier this week. We’ll start with Tom Benson’s review (I reviewed his fast-paced thriller, Beyond the Law recently). Here is the beginning of his review of my book:

5.0 out of 5 stars Espionage written effectively, December 1, 2014
By Mr. T. Benson “Tom Benson” (Northeast England, UK) – See all my reviews
Espionage written effectively is an engrossing theme and anyone who reads this piece of work will be entertained. In a tale that on more than one occasion was reminiscent of Tom Clancy’s style and pace, I was impressed by the level of knowledge and the research done. [full review is here]

Most recently, Senan Gil Senan was kind enough to read and review my book. I subsequently reviewed his intriguing conception and portrayal of a dystopic future here).

5.0 out of 5 stars I know that I will probably read this again, December 6, 2014
This is a book which offers two reasons to buy it. The first is the content; which is rich with detail, and pretty interesting. It appeals straight away to someone like me, who enjoys reading non fiction as well as fiction. Then there is the story; it is rich, and complex like a good espionage novel should be. However this is not a standard espionage novel. Think Dan Brown, and you will be closer to understanding the enjoyment this book can bring. [full review is here]

My thanks to each of these good people, who have taken the time not only to read the first novel of this self-published author, but to share their impressions publicly as well. Amazon and GoodReads reviews are an essential part of credentialing an author’s work, and I appreciate their helping me out in that regard.

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