MaxPower140One of the great things that happened to me as a writer this year was being invited to join a great author’s support group on Facebook called the Indie Author Support & Discussion group. It’s chock-a-block full of great writers who are also great at sharing their experiences, recommendations and time. And some even give awards.

Max Power is the pen name of one group member who’s not only a delightful writer, but exceptionally generous with his time (a surprising number of group members share the same trait). “Max” read and reviewed 100 books by group members this year, and over the last few days, posted his short list of recommended reads (I was very pleased to se that he included my first book The Alexandria Project, in that list), as well as three grand prizes: the Story Teller Award (shared by Nico Laeser and Chistoph Fischer),  Book of the Year (Jim Murray’s The Galapagan), and Choice Award (Lesley Hayes’ The Drowned Phoenician Sailor).

I’ve read (and reviewed) books by almost all of the authors that Max has shouted out, and heartily concur with his selections. If you’re looking for a a good read, or perhaps  good book as a holiday present (or both!), consider dropping by Max’s site and trying out one of his recommendations.

You can find links to the books and author sites of most of the writers in this group at another labor of love that several group members are putting together, a group book site that is under construction, but already useful and coming along nicely. You’ll find books from every genre there, all in eBook form, many in print as well. Almost all the eBooks range from free to $3.99, and are frequently on sale besides, so why not check it out and see if something catches you’re eye?

If so, you’ll be helping out an Indie author while discovering new talent you might never happen upon otherwise.

Have you joined The Lafayette Campaign?


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