magician 100When I released my first book, I had never heard of a marketing op called a “cover reveal.” Well, that was then (four years ago), and this, of course, is now. And so, with apologies to Marcus Case for one last posting that might be considered to be a tease, here we go.

But first, a note on another change. The first time around, I picked a cover and a presentation that was rather more refined than “thriller-ish.” The cover was a bit foreboding, but it was also uncluttered, and, as you can see if you use the “look inside” feature, the title page was more reminiscent of literary fiction than pulp fiction.

This time, I went with a typical genre cover, and without further ado, here it is:

The-Lafayette-Campaign-800 Cover reveal and PromotionalSo what’s the verdict? Would this cover be more likely to tempt your fancy than the last one?

As for the book itself, I’ve now approved the eBook cover as well as the print file, so the person doing the file conversions for me is now creating the eBook files. Tomorrow I’ll handle whatever I have to do at Amazon to set up an author or publisher account there, and then as soon as Jeff Bezos approves it, up the files will go.

And then, of course, I’ll be hoping that as many people as possible will decide to read it. In that regard, I’ll be very, very grateful for any help anyone is inclined to give me spreading the word.

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