number 3 croppedMany thanks to those that have continued to help me tighten up the blurb for The Lafayette Campaign – it’s now much better than my original draft, and also much better than I would have been able to make it on my own.

See what you think. I’ve tried to include all comments to the extent that they weren’t mutually exclusive and/or overlapping. The single exception is that I couldn’t figure out a way to kill one of the clichés and keep things appropriately short and punchy. Given that a book blurb for a thriller is something of an extended cliché in its own right, I hope that’s forgivable (and I’ll also keep working on it).

You’ll also see that I’ve tried adding a “reality” line at the end which I think works (except that I need to come up with a better word than “fun”), but you may think would still best be left out.

*  *  *

America is rushing headlong into another election year, but something is wrong – the polls don’t match reality. It’s up to cybersecurity super sleuth Frank Adversego to find out who is trying to hack the presidential election, and to stop them before they do.

The action begins when a nameless government agency recruits Adversego to find out who’s manipulating poll results, but soon he learns that the voting results are at risk as well. From then on, it’s a race against time to see who will stop who as the presidential election – and Adversego’s life – hang in the balance.

In this latest Frank Adversego satirical thriller, you’ll meet a scheming Native American casino manager, a scrum of presidential candidates too incredible to be believed anywhere outside of a real American election, a former Secretary of Defense who will stop at nothing, and an attractive French hitchhiker that Adversego rescues in the middle of a desert, and soon wishes he hadn’t. It’s all great fun – except for the fact that it could really happen.

* * *

Andrew Updegrove, an attorney, has been representing technology companies for more than thirty years and works with many of the organizations seeking to thwart cyber-attacks before they occur. A graduate of Yale University and the Cornell University Law School, he lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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