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This blog is primarily intended for anyone who is self-publishing, thinking about self-publishing, or just curious about what it’s like to be an author during rapidly changing times. Whenever you visit here, I hope you’ll share your own comments and thoughts, so that we can learn all learn as much as possible from each other. If you’d like to read my current work in process (and much more), I hope that you’ll become a Friend of Frank.


Tales of Adversego, Book Four: On the Way!

robot icon 110Earlier this week I finished the first draft of the fourth book in the Frank Adversego saga. This time the technologies du jour will be artificial intelligence (a/k/a machine learning) and the Internet of Things (a/k/a IoT, a/k/a machine to machine, or M2M). Unlike the first three books, the technological capabilities (in the case of AI) will be over the horizon. So this time around, you won’t have to worry that the disasters I write about will actual happen. Yet. read more…

Frank Rides Again!

generator-120Well, no peace for the wicked, as they say. After all, the third cybersecurity thriller in my Frank Adversego series has been out for ten days, so I’d better get busy, right? And as a matter of fact, in the last week I’ve come up with a plot that I’m pretty pumped about. Lots of surprises and plot twists, a solid and (God help us) timely political subplot, and another focus on cutting edge technologies with plenty of potential for making rue the day the patents were filed. This time around it will be the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence that will threaten to do us in. For a sample, read on.

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Now Available – The Doodlebug War, a Tale of Fanatics and Romantics

doodlebugwar_1600-barnes-and-nobleYesterday was the big day – fifteen months after tapping out the first few words of my latest satirical, political, cybersecurity thriller, I uploaded the files for Frank Adversego’s third world-saving adventure. This time around, the villains are an ISIS-like terrorist group that’s been even more successful at gaining ground in the Mideast. Now they threaten to bring the Western world to its knees.

Like the first two books, everything in the book is technically accurate and could actually happen. Frankly (no pun intended), this book scares the hell out of me. The reason? There seems to me to be little doubt that some day, perhaps as early as tomorrow, just such an attack will actually be launched. read more…

The Doodlebug War – Bookblurb

read-all-about-it-120Indie authors not only have to learn how to be self publishers, but self-publicists as well. One of the core deliverables of any book publicist is usually referred to as “the blurb.” That’s the short piece that appears on the back of a paperback, and in a longer form, on the somewhat more generous real estate afforded by a hard cover book jacket. For an eBook, it’s most important function is to appear as the book’s summary at Amazon and any other on-line distribution platforms the author plans to use. Now that I’m on the countdown to launch The Doodlebug War, book three in the Frank Adversego thriller series, I’d love your opinion of what I’ve worked up so far. read more…

In Startling Reversal, Trump Claims Credit for Groping Women

trump-pointing-140To the dismay of the Republican leadership but the delight of his core supporters, Donald J. Trump today announced that he had, in fact, sexually assaulted each of the women who has come forward in the last several days. “And not just them, folks,” the Republican nominee for president said, “lots more – a huge number more. We’re talking hundreds – maybe thousands. There’s no way I can keep track.” read more…

An Interview with Ian Probert, Author of Dangerous (and much more)

dangerous-100Last week I posted a review of Dangerous, the latest book by mutli-genre author Ian Probert, concluding, “The result is a unique combination of themes and insights that does not attempt to reach any pat solution or heart-warming resolution. Instead, we leave the author and the boxers he has profiled the way we found them – damaged by their life experiences and making the best of the hard-won lessons they have learned along the way, but still entranced by the sport that has by turns served them so well and so dangerously.” This week, I’m following with an interview with the author, in which he tells us how and why the book came about.

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Book Review: Dangerous, by Ian Probert (non-fiction)

dangerous-100Some two and half decades ago, an up and coming sportswriter focusing on boxing watched as the middleweight that had taken him under his wing was critically and permanently injured during a world title fight. The emotional impact of that event was enough to keep him from writing about his favorite sport ever again – until now.

Not long after that fight, the author was stricken by a chronic, undiagnosed illness that left him, like his boxer mentor, unable to lead a normal, productive life. But unlike that boxer, an accurate diagnosis eventually led to his recovery, as well as to a decision to revisit some of the demons in his own life following the death of his emotionally unavailable and abusive father.

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