120px-AbrahamlincolnYes, I have another blog (you can find it here), and that blog came first. If you go there now, you’ll find the following entry, but remember when you read it that “here” is there and “there” is here, and all of the links you find in that entry there will just send you back here.  Confused?  Think how I feel.

From time to time I’ve run into people that have more than one blog.  When I do, I usually wonder how that came about, and also how the bigamous decision to bifurcate was working out Often, I’ve noticed, one of the efforts peters out, is left abandoned and forlorn, and poignantly ends with that a single, last, lonely post that waits hopefully for the next to come along. But, of course, it never does. With each passing day, the blog becomes less visited, soon to be found discovered only by random Web searchers that skip out as soon as they accidentally arrive. Poor Blogger.  Poor blog!

And then it happened to me, too. For years I’ve been writing about lots of topics (see the index at left), and for the first five or six years, all of those disparate areas of interest seemed able to co-exist happily under one virtual roof. But then I decided to try my hand at fiction, and then, oh! the bickering started.  What about me?!? the factual topics would say, if neglected too long.  And What about me? one half of the readers seemed to be wondering, if I stayed too long in the wrong genre.

And so it came to the inevitable parting of the ways. Since the house had originally been owned by fiction, it was non-fiction that was forced to move out (to WordPress). The essential problems, of course, were ones of identity and branding. Most consumers of anything, sad to say, prefer consistency and reliability, not surprises. If someone is an avowed carnivore, they want meat, while vegans don’t even want to sit at the same table. And the last thing that a blogger interested in widely disseminating his or her thoughts  (or any other provider of anything, for that matter) is to have their readers decide not to waste their time visiting anymore.

So the time came where instead of diluting the brand of this site, I had to bite the bullet, start a new site where I could build a new brand around my non-fiction writing, and preserve intact and shore back up the non-fiction brand that I’d spent a decade building here.

But just because fiction has moved out doesn’t mean that non-fiction readers can’t have visiting privileges. So for those that feel inclined to sample what’s going on across town, here are the intros for what I’ve posted at my other blog, Tales of Adversego (Frank Adversego being the protagonist of my book, The Alexandria Project, you see), of course with links so you can read on as you wish. If you like what you see there, why don’t you keep up with both sides of the family and become a regular visitor there, even if the contents of my two blogs are now living apart?

So – if it so happens that you’re interested in things like technology, open standards, open source software, the freedom to use the technology of your choice and such like, why don’t you take a look over there? But don’t forget to continue to visit here as well. And don’t worry. I’ll leave the light on.

Have you discovered The Alexandria Project?


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